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About Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Geri and I live in Orlando with my husband, Wayne.  We share our home with three felines, named Gelato, Bella and TiAmo.  I became gluten free about 5 years ago.  Being Italian and loving pasta,  I just knew this was one food I would absolutely not live without!  I decided to put together this blog to share with others the many pasta recipes I have collected through the years from family, from travel and from various creative moments. My son, Alex, is away at college and calls me all the time for my pasta recipes.  His favorite is my Penne Sorrento, which I will include in this blog.  It is a rendition of a dish that Wayne and I ate while visiting the Amalfi border. 

I absolutely love to cook.  It is very therapeutic for me. I forget everything and it totally relaxes me.  I come from a long line of cooks.  My great grandmother was born in Italy and cooked for the priests in her church.  Her daughter, Nancy, my grandmother, was also a fabulous cook.  She taught my Mom to cook, and yes, my Mom was the best cook I have ever encountered.  My Mom just had a way with putting food together and a gifted touch with herbs and seasonings. She has passed on her love of cooking to me and my sister.  Before she passed away, just recently, she gave me what I consider to be the ultimate compliment.  After preparing a dish for her and my father, she looked at him and said, “This taste just like I made it, doesn’t it, Ed?”.  Then she winked and nodded at me, and told me it was excellent.  Wow! I never dreamed I could cook as well as her.  I miss her already.  The legacy of her cooking lives on in me.