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Osteria St. Ana, Roma

There are many, many restaurants in Rome.  Every street has a variety of osterias, trattorias, bars (where you can have a coffee, cappucino, or a snack) and sometimes even a pizzaria.  However, Osteria St. Ana is not just a restaurant, but an experience that one does not forget.  So many restaurants have delicious food that you will swoon over, but it is the combination of ambience, staff. and food that leaves an lasting impression.

For months before our trip, I enjoyed researching places to eat.  I also emailed many restaurants inquiring as to their capabilities of preparing gluten free pasta.  I found this restaurant close to where we stayed in Rome, so that on the first day of arrival, it would be convenient to find and enjoy a good meal.  I emailed the owner asking for gluten free pasta, and he replied that he could provide it, so I went ahead with the reservation.  When we arrived, he led us in to seat us and commented that I was the reservation that had requested gluten free pasta.  I was very impressed that he remembered!

The food is amazing, prepared with love and many years of experience.  You can dine al fresco or downstairs in their romantic lamp lit and candlelit dining room.  The walls are covered with pictures of the owners (two brothers) and many celebrities and lesser known patrons.

For appetizers, we shared smoked mozzarella and prosciutto with melon. Yummy!  Wayne, my husband, had a fresh baked tuna steak with pomodoro and olives.  I ordered Spaghetti with Vongole (clam sauce), pictured here.  It was heavenly.  I was so happy to be eating gluten free pasta in Rome!  My son, Alex, had Pasta Amatriciana (tomato sauce prepared with pancetta).  I tasted the sauce, and it was scrumptious.  He followed with an entree of grilled Scampi (what Italians call langostinos).

I don’t know where we found the room, but Alex and I ordered three desserts:  creme caramel, fresh strawberries and cannoli.  I was unable to eat the cannoli, but my creme caramel and strawberries were sublime!

We were fussed over.  We were made to feel like family.  We were not rushed.  They did not care if we sat there all evening.  The waiters scurried around and we watched as they just could not be more accommodating to all!

This gem of a Rome restaurant, Osteria St. Ana, on a street just off Piazza Popolo, made us feel so very special.  Many generations of the same family have run this restaurant, and therefore, the food is unmistakeably cooked and served with much pride and love.

I shall never forget our evening at Osteria St. Ana.   It was and will continue to be a loving and lasting memory of my husband, my son, and I in beautiful Rome with delcious food, laughter, affection, and an ambiance of family tradition.

And thank you, Roberto, for remembering my gluten free pasta! Grazie mille!