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Taking a walk with God

I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own. – John 10:14

I took a long walk after work today. It was the start of dusk. The sun hung low in the spring sky. Yellow rays streamed through the verdant branches of the many beautiful live oaks in my neighborhood. They have withstood hurricane winds and still look lovely. Moms pushed their babes in carriages. Friends strolled together and walked their dogs. Joggers looked intent as they left me in the dust. People walked. People talked. People alone. People with others. The sky was enchanting. I walked with God. Sometimes we would converse. Sometimes I would be silent, so as not to miss His wondrous voice. He gave me divine gifts of the Word to become a sturdy wall to lean my weary mind against. Strength. Sun. Shield. Grace. Glory. Strength. The Lord is my strength. Simple concept yet so complex. But most importantly, reassuring. I started out my day actually forgetting those vitally important words from Psalm 27. I started out my walk as the sheep that had wandered away. I turned the corner to “return home”. The sky was orange with sunset by then. A cool breeze kissed both my cheeks with a loving hello. I took a walk with God and He embraced me.

Indeed, the Lord is my strength.